Industry-leading solution for financial assets order execution, risk management and reporting.

Intellogix aggregates liquidity and supports multi asset classes across a range of global financial institutions including Banks and Prime of Prime Brokers (PoP), with support for multiple industry standard Financial Information Exchange (F.I.X) API protocols such as Metaquotes, Spotware and LogixTrader’s proprietary Web Trading UI.

Intellogix allows you to systematically manage your risk, internalising flow and managing exposure in real-time, and report both real-time and post trade to Exchanges, Prime Brokers, regulators and back-office systems.

Intellogix helps businesses systematically manage risk, internalise flow and manage exposure in real-time


Key Features

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Logix Intelligence infrastructure facilitates low latency connectivity with its robust direct dedicated fibre links, cross-connects and Virtual Private Lan Services (VPLS)


Provides brokers of financial instruments multi-tiered best bid/ask aggregation, leading to better spreads and execution.


Provides businesses dedicated reporting and analytics tools to deliver deeper insights into trading data and superior behaviour analysis